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The Burrow Buddy Gopher Trapping Tool Review By Wildlife Control Consultant Stephen Vantassel

Having trouble with gophers? On today’s edition of the Living The Wildlife Podcast, host and wildlife control consultant Stephen Vantassel reviews the Burrow Buddy gopher trapping tool. This tool is useful for catching pocket gophers, widely referred to simply as gophers (burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae endemic to North and Central America. Gophers are…

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If Integrated Pest Control Management Is Such A Rewarding Career, Why Is It So Undervalued?

It may be a little known fact that most pest control professionals in the IPM industry come from diverse backgrounds. In fact, many IPM professionals come from different academic backgrounds and careers altogether. Having gotten his start in the IT field as a programmer, host and integrated pest control management professional Franklin ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez…

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