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Regardless of how much spraying, baiting, placing In2care traps or Inzecto traps we do, mosquito control will not be attainable if water is accumulating elsewhere on the property. On today’s episode of the Pestgeek podcast, as we follow up on a mosquito control program for a client, we come across the unfortunate sight of stagnant…

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Roof Rat Control Methods For The Wildlife Control Professional With Wildlife Control Consultant Stephen Vantassel

In our previous episode of the Living The Wildlife Podcast, host and wildlife control consultant Stephen Vantassel gave us a brief overview of Rattus Rattus biology. On today’s edition Stephen gives us a brief overview of roof rat control methods for wildlife control professionals. This rodent is generally referred to as the black rat or…

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Find Out How A Missing Tailgate Led Me To Start A Holistic Pest Control Business

Does starting a holistic pest control business sound like something you would like to do? What does a tailgate have to do with pest control? On today’s Pestgeek Podcast, holistic pest control management specialist Franklin ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez hears Fred Estopier’s amusing story about how a missing tailgate on his Dodge Tacoma led him to…

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