repellents in wildlife

How repellents are different than frightening devices why repellents are regulated.

Discussing the theories and issues associated with using repellents, why do they work for someone and not for others, how to evaluate repellents in wildlife control. Stephen M. Vantassel, CWCP, ACEWildlife Control Consultant, LLC Blog: Papers: Videos:  Podcasts: 406-272-5323 Mtn Time Helping people resolve conflicts with wildlife through teaching, training, writing, and research

Thomas Kaps Flock Free

Thomas Kaps FlockFree Bird Control In Lakewood NJ

Flock Free Bird Control Systems and Services Is a Commercial Bird Control Specialist Flock Free Bird Control, are experts in affordable and effective bird control for commercial properties. Their goal is to develop a comprehensive bird control solution that leaves you free to focus on other aspects of managing your business. FlockFree 644 Cross St,…


Bill Dowd of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Since 1989, Skedaddle has always taken the humane approach when dealing with wild neighbors. When it comes to solving wildlife conflicts every situation is unique. That is why they pride themselves on implementing customized solutions that take into account both the construction of your home as well as wildlife biology and behavior. Their hands-on removal…