How Integrated Pest Control Perimeter Inspection can help Determine How Rats Got Into Home

A newly bought house with rats getting into home. Part of a holistic approach to integrated pest control involves locating the entry points and sealing them. On today’s edition, a perimeter inspection will show what entry points rats and other pests are using to gain entry into this home. #pestcontroltraining #pestcontrol #pestcontrolservice #pest #termitecontrol #pestmanagement…

A Caution Before Installing XCLUDER X2 Bottom Door Seal System

The right Rodent exclusion is a key component of Integrated Pest Control. Sealing off gaps in your garage is priority. On today’s edition, Stephen Vantassel shares his experience having an Xcluder door seal system installed. #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami PestgeekFacebook Group