What Animal Euthanasia Practices Does the AVMA Allow?

The AVMA has established guidelines for the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) in euthanizing wildlife animals. Below are some of the recommended best practices for CO2 euthanasia, as outlined by the AVMA: Trained personnel should administer CO2 euthanasia. Proper training should include instruction on equipment usage, administration methods, and successful euthanasia indicators. The euthanasia should…

Being Humane In Wild Life Control

Being Humane In WildLife Control

Stephen Vantassel Being humane In wildlife control when in regards euthanasia how to communicate effectively with your clients on what it means to be humane. Stephen M. Vantassel, CWCP Lewistown, MT 59457 WildlifeControlConsultant.com https://kingsdivinity.academia.edu/StephenMVantassel 402-489-1042 Mtn Time